Farmer killed in quad bike accident

A third person has been killed in yet another quad bike accident in Western NSW.

A farmer from Clergate, near Orange, was the latest victim. Mr Russell Culverson, in his mid-70s, died after the quad bike he was riding rolled over. He was discovered by family after he was noticed missing on Thursday afternoon.

It is the third quad bike death in the region in the past three weeks. In other accidents a six-year-old girl, who was riding with two other children on a quad bike at Pilliga, west of Narrabri, died when the vehicle hit a tree. A man, 60, died after a roll-over at Sofala, north of Bathurst the same weekend.

A Dubbo man Dallas Ridley was left a paraplegic after an accident on a Nyngan property. 

A police spokesman said Mr Culverson left his home on his property, Culya, on Culverson Road, on the bike about 12.45pm.

“When he failed to return after two hours a family member went searching for him and he was found a short time later trapped under the quad bike,” the spokesman said.

“He died at the scene.”

He said there were no suspicious circumstances.

“Police will prepare a file for information of the coroner”.

We can’t keep delaying action on quad bike safety

Fiona Simpson

Mr Culverson is survived by family including wife Peggy and son Russell.

His nephew Paul said on Friday the death was a tragedy for the whole family.

“He was the third or fourth generation on the property,” he said.

Mr Culverson said his uncle ran a 320-hectare cattle and general farming property with two houses on it and used the quad bike to travel around the farm.

The National Farmers Federation is calling for immediate action on quad bike safety.

NFF president Fiona Simson said the case for safer design has never been clearer.

She said enough was enough.

"We can’t keep delaying action on quad bike safety,” she said.

“The time for talking is past – Australian farmers need action now."

“Millions of dollars have been spent on research and clear recommendations have been made - but still we see no action," Ms Simson said.