Dubbo's $1.3 Lotto winner has six years to claim prize

The suspense about Dubbo’s latest and unclaimed $1.3 million Lotto win continues, but it’s not the first time a resident of the city has taken some time to collect a windfall.

By Thursday Dubbo’s newest millionaire was yet to come forward but NSW Lotteries has seen it all before.

In 2013 an unregistered Dubbo resident took seven days to claim the entire $50 million jackpot in a Powerball draw, NSW Lotteries spokesman Matt Hart said.

In 2010, another unregistered Dubbo winner took three days to discover a million-dollar win.

There’s still plenty of time for the Dubbo winner to come forward, but the clock is ticking.

NSW Lotteries spokesman Matt Hart

The latest win is creating plenty of interest on social media and some readers are sure they would rush if their lucky numbers came up.

“.03 of a second for me to put my hand up n claim it,” Butch Dennis said in a post to the Daily Liberal’s Facebook page.

In NSW customers have six years to claim their prize.

“There’s still plenty of time for the Dubbo winner to come forward, but the clock is ticking,” Mr Hart said.  

“The sooner the winner comes forward, the sooner we can begin processing their prize claim form for them to receive their money.”

One Newcastle customer caused a buzz recently when he discovered he had become a millionaire 414 days earlier.

He found his unregistered ticket while cleaning his car.

“People tell us all sorts of reasons  as to why it took them a while to claim their windfall – usually it’s because they didn’t know they had won,” Mr Hart said.

“They had forgotten to check their ticket after the draw, but then weeks or months later they’ve rediscovered their ticket and thankfully checked it.

“We’ve had people find old tickets on the corkboard in the kitchen, in their wallet or in the car.  

“Sometimes it can really pay to have a clean out.”

People can check their ticket either online or at an outlet.

If any customers believe they are holding a winning ticket, NSW Lotteries recommends keeping the ticket in a safe place and contact it on 131 868 to confirm their prize and start the prize claim process.