Concerns cost of rural early education service will soar

Community concerns are rife that the cost of the Bogan Bush Mobile (BBM) service will rise five times for parents should its federal government funding change.

The BBM service provides early education services to rural and remote families in the Bogan region.

There are fears its services could be impacted by changes being considered by the government’s Jobs for Families Child Care Package.

NSW Labor’s spokesperson for Barwon Daniel Mookhey has said the NSW government should be stepping in to help with early educational services in the regions.

“As someone who recently welcomed my first children to the family, I’ve seen firsthand how rising prices hurt. 

“Families and communities want the best for their children and they expect the government to be on their side.”

Mr Mookhey said early education minister Sarah Mitchell dodged his question in Parliament on whether she would step in and save the BBM “and failed to refer to the Bogan Shire or the Bogan Bush Mobile Service even once’.

Barwon MP Kevin Humphries said federal Parkes MP Mark Coulton is working to ensure services like the BBM won’t be left behind. 

“Daniel wants to stir up trouble, but the reality is that Mark Coulton is working closely with the Minister’s office to ensure mobile units are adequately addressed and services like the Bogan Bush Mobile Service won’t be left behind,” he said. 

“The Federal Government has said that mobile services can’t be funded on a ‘one size fits all approach’.  

“Services will be able to seek supplementary, tailored funding which will be flexible and will particularly help services that need additional financial support to maintain operations.”