New year but same message on roads

The Western Sydney Wanderers have backed the state government's Towards Zero road toll campaign after 10 people died on NSW roads in the first 11 days of the year.

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay said the road toll was "not good enough" as he addressed media on Wednesday with Wanderers Goalkeeper Jerrad Tyson.

"Zero is the number we want, so it's no-one's brother, no-one's sister, no-one's father, no-one's mother, no-one's grandparents that are killed on our roads," Mr Gay said.

The two were joined by road trauma survivor Tristan Kennedy, who was injured when he and a friend crashed into a ute on trail bikes.

Mr Kennedy met with the Wanderers recently to talk about dangerous driving.

"His story was one that we all took on board and will certainly use to motivate us in our behaviours," Tyson said.