Christmas morning calls from Red Cross to bring joy to those who need it

Red Cross’s national network of Telecross volunteers will be busy Christmas morning, making a phone call to bring joy to a stranger’s day, the organisation has said.

However, joy and goodwill are not the only things Red Cross will be sharing through the festive season.

Volunteers will be checking on the safety, security and wellbeing of aged and socially isolated people – who rely on daily contact from Red Cross.

NSW State Lead Social Inclusion, Lona Kuchey, said Telecross supports frail, aged, disabled and isolated people to live in their own homes in communities they know and love.

“For people who have limited contact with family or friends, a phone call from Red Cross on Christmas Day makes a world of difference.

“It’s especially important at Christmas, which can be a really tough time for many people.

“That reassuring phone call translates into better health, happiness and safety,” Ms Kuchey said.

Two thirds of the daily Telecross phone calls go to people aged over 80 with a further 27 per cent to people aged between 65 and 80. 

The daily phone call lasts a few minutes and is made by a trained volunteer, who can activate an emergency response if a call is unexpectedly not answered.

Australian Red Cross chief executive officer Judy Slatyer said the strength of Telecross is in the trained volunteers.

“We’re founded on a spirit of volunteer service,” Ms Slatyer said.

“People see us in emergencies but they might not know we’re quietly working away at creating safe, healthy, secure communities,” she said.

Red Cross has launched its festive season fundraising appeal, calling for supporters to donate to local social inclusion programs, like Telecross, and other community-led programs around Australian and in our region. 

To donate to Red Cross visit


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