Name chosen for Asian elephant calf

The Asian elephant calf born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo has been named ‘Sabai’.

The Thai name means peaceful, happiness relaxed or comfortable and was chosen from almost 1500 suggestions.

It was Dubbo resident Belle Lordan who made the winning suggestion.

“I chose it because I think the happiness that Sabai bought to Dubbo and to his family, the name kind of represents that happiness and I thought that was really cool, as well as the Thailand influence,” Ms Lordan said.

“I think the most exciting part is I got to name an elephant in Dubbo where I grew up and he’s going to grow up there as well, and also I get to tell everyone I got to name an elephant that’s going to be alive for so many years.”

Ms Lordan said she was very passionate about animals and was looking forward to staying in the Zoofari Lodge.

Elephant supervisor Glenn Sullivan said the whole team felt ‘Sabai’ was a name that fit the calf’s personality and demeanour, as well as it really suiting an elephant.

Sabai is now almost one month old.