Hooning around

Motorists have been recorded going double the speed limit at one of the city’s roundabouts, prompting Dubbo Regional Council to take action.

Proposed roundabout improvements at the intersection of St Andrews and Cypress Point drives were given the green light of recommendation at council’s works and services committee meeting.

The issue was drawn to council’s attention after local residents raised concerns about the speed at which motorists were entering the roundabout, council manager technical services Mark Stacey said.

A traffic study of the roundabout found 34 per cent of vehicles entering the intersection from the south were exceeding the speed limit, with the maximum speed recorded at 99.5 kilometres per hour.

Meanwhile, 8.5 per cent of cars entering the roundabout from the north were over the speed limit, with a maximum of 91.8 kilometres per hour recorded.

A further 40.24 per cent of cars exiting the roundabout heading north exceeded the speed limit. The maximum speed for an exiting vehicle was recorded at 92.3 kilometres per hour.

It’s proactive work rather than reacting after an accident has happened.

Mark Stacey

To force motorists to slow down at the roundabout, council has proposed to install rumble bars, concrete islands and raised pavement markers.

The additions will reduce speeds on entry, Mr Stacey said, while the rumble bars around the edge of the roundabout would prevent motorists from driving straight through.

There was no record of any crashes at the roundabout, but the high speeds at which people were driving increased the potential for it to happen, Mr Stacey said.

“It’s proactive work rather than reacting after an accident has happened,” he said.

If approved at the October Meeting of Council on Monday, the work would begin as soon as possible, dependent on the workers being available.

“I’d like to say it will be done before Christmas but it’s a matter of priority with any other flood damage,” Mr Stacey said.