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Free Trade Agreement

In conjunction with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s visit to Canberra last week, the Coalition Government delivered a comprehensive update of Australia’s second oldest free trade agreement, creating significant opportunities for local service providers and professionals to expand their business. The updated Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) delivers greater access for our engineers, accountants, financial planners, lawyers, and education providers to sell their services to Singapore, putting local exporters on an equal or better footing than our foreign competitors. Australia exported $1.71 billion of professional and business services to Singapore in 2015.  The potential for service exports is significant, as Asia’s emerging middle class is projected to grow from 600 million today to 3 billion by 2030.

Capitalising on this demand through our ambitious trade agenda is a key component of the Coalition Government’s economic plan for a stronger and more diverse economy. The Coalition is building the architecture to facilitate growth in services exports through our free trade agreements such as the amended SAFTA. It builds on the success of the FTAs we concluded with the North Asia powerhouse economies of China, Japan and Korea. I am very pleased to be part of a Government that is pursuing an ambitious trade agenda, and more free trade agreements, as part of its national economic plan to create jobs and economic growth.

Life continues: With around 200,000 Year 12 students nearing the end of high school ReachOut Australia is helping these students know that there is more to life after study.

Life continues: With around 200,000 Year 12 students nearing the end of high school ReachOut Australia is helping these students know that there is more to life after study.

There’s life after exams

With around 200,000 Year 12 students nearing the end of high school, leading digital mental health organisation ReachOut Australia has resources to support Year 12 students and their parents through this stressful time. ReachOut’s ‘There’s Life After Year 12’ campaign, features prominent Australians including actor Rahart Adams, journalist Sarah Harris and our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, with video messages of support  for this year’s Year 12 students.

We all know exams are pretty stressful at the best of times, and they can be really overwhelming if you feel your whole life depends on the results. The campaign is designed to help Year 12 students and their parents know how to manage stress and anxiety during exam time. Coping with stress, and school and study problems are the issues that concern young people most. ReachOut can provide advice and support and last year more than 130,000 people accessed study and stress related content. ReachOut now has new content available to help parents too.  Parents can also experience exam stress and want to know how best to support their teen without adding to existing pressure or projecting unrealistic expectations. Stress around exam time can not only impact a teenager’s mental health but also their physical health and general wellbeing.  Knowing how to help teenagers manage their stress in the lead-up to exams can help them to study and also reduce the tension at home. It’s important to remember that your marks don’t define you. There are many different options, opportunities and career paths.

Royal Far West secures Federal funding

Royal Far West (RFW) has secured $10 million in Federal funding towards construction of a Centre for Rural Child Health and Learning in Manly. The RFW Centre for Rural Child Health and Learning will be a world-class facility dedicated to the health and wellbeing of rural, regional and remote children and their families. The new centre will enable RFW to grow from supporting 1650 to 15,000 regional children and families each year. With a health service, school and accommodation in one facility, RFW provides a uniquely integrated multidisciplinary service that supports the health, development, and education of country children. This project will enable RFW to expand its services, increase its technology capabilities, and extend its reach into more regions.