Arrests continue as protesters stand ground

Protestors continue to be arrested at Santos' Leewood wastewater treatment facility in the Pilliga Forest, with two more charged on Thursday morning, taking the total to seven in the past three weeks.

Gabrielle Laver, a 44-year-old from Tabulum, was arrested and charged with disobeying directives and obstruction for delaying a convoy of trucks entering the Leewood site.

The organisation Pilliga Action Camp claimed the protest was peaceful and police dragged Gabrielle from the road to allow the convoy to proceed.

Forty-nine-year-old Central Coast man Jason Jol was arrested and charged with trespassing on the inside of the facility where he ventured to halt to work on site.

"Santos' plans for 850 wells in the Pilliga not only threatens the recharge function of the Great Artesian Basin but is also the tip of the iceberg regarding the longer-term plans to industrialise north-west NSW with coal seam gas," Mr Jol said.

"People from right across NSW and beyond are now flocking to the Pilliga region to support the Gamilaraay and other local's efforts to protect their land, water and communities from coal seam gas.

"This is an issue of national significance."

According to Pilliga Action Camp, protest activity began at the Leewood coal seam gas treatment site in early December when construction of phase two of the facility commenced.

Since then 12 people have risked arrest through locking themselves to gates, vehicles or machinery with seven actually arrested and charged.

The group has vowed to escalate their protests to draw attention to the plan for the 850-well Narrabri Gas Project.