Lofty fun run fantasy grounded by reality

Team Jason ... Jason Morrison, centre, with his 2UE City2Surf team raising funds for Legacy.
Team Jason ... Jason Morrison, centre, with his 2UE City2Surf team raising funds for Legacy.

It started as a dare. A dare they thought they'd win.

Why don't you - all 120 kilograms of you - do the City2Surf?

The bright idea was: do it, invite some people to join you, raise money for charity.

''Yes,'' was an easy answer six months back.

Today is race day and despite some genuinely serious training, I still weigh in at roughly 120 kilograms. The idea of a run has become a 14-kilometre walk to Bondi.

This isn't my first City2Surf, technically. For the past decade, I've had the best seat in the house for the big race - overhead in a helicopter, all wired up for live reporting on the radio.

There is nothing as impressive as watching the start from 460 metres over Sydney. The mass of people from above look like tiny dots all joined up.

Then something happens, and suddenly they start to pour down William Street into the Kings Cross tunnel at a great pace. The mass gradually turns into a trickle as the athletes are sorted from the hackers.

Then it's the sightseeing trip of a lifetime with the leaders as they wind around the harbour and its amazing little bays to the beach. From up there, strangely, it all looks so flat, so peaceful, and such fun. I'm told the reality can be a little different.

This year, it's someone else's turn in the 2UE helicopter for our live radio coverage. I'll be doing the hard yards with the back of the pack along with what we've called ''2UE Team Jason''.

Most significantly, with our listeners, we've raised thousands to help Sydney Legacy support the families of fallen Australian servicemen and women.

I look forward to your looks of pity as I stumble over the line at Bondi Beach, just in time for lunch.

Support Legacy with 2UE Team Jason at

The fund-raising doesn't end today. You can continue donating to the many City2Surf charities through the run's participants.

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