Ethics classes under the spotlight 

The article “Ethics classes headed for Dubbo”, Daily Liberal, February 14 2013, warrants close investigation. 

Some Dubbo parents who want ethics classes are also obsessed with having scripture lessons completely removed from schools, as they don’t want their children “indoctrinated”. 

They justify their stance with fabrications, such as the children exempted from scripture “do nothing anyway”, and are just put somewhere else without teacher supervision. 

I have never seen this happen in a Dubbo school, as it would be arguably illegal. 

All scripture teachers, with slight variations in emphasis, teach basically the same doctrine. 

Some ethics instructors will undoubtedly have much to contribute, but Dubbo parents should be aware that ethics classes have the potential for serious inconsistency across a range of instructors. 

Even worse, it might allow those who hold all sorts of discriminatory and dangerous prejudices to “indoctrinate” impressionable children. 

What parents consider ethical, morality might not actually accord with the views of certain ethics instructors, as manifested in the content of some school ethics classes. 

Dr John TLambert