Money stolen from department store but no jail sentence

A YOUNG man facing a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail for multiple charges of stealing money from his employer has been fined and placed on a series of good behaviour bonds.

Dubbo Local Court heard Andrew Steven Geddes took a total of $1280 from cash registers on five occasions between September 10 and 13 last year.

Geddes, 23, of Dubbo, pleaded guilty to all charges before Magistrate Andrew Eckhold.

The solicitor representing Geddes said his client had attempted to repay the funds.

"When the victim wouldn't take his calls he tried to give the money to police," the solicitor said.

"The money was deposited in my trust account in November last year and is waiting to be paid."

According to documents tendered to the court, Geddes worked on cash registers at Target and was also involved in stock rotation.

Police said an internal investigation was launched after the store became aware of discrepancies with cash balances.

Police allege Geddes made full admissions about taking money.

The court heard Geddes lost his job as a result of the offences.

"He was working at Target casually and has almost completed a nursing course at TAFE," the solicitor said.

"He took the money to pay for living expenses during a time of financial stress."

Magistrate Eckhold said a pre-sentence report had detailed a number of personal issues impacting on Geddes.

"You pleaded guilty at the first opportunity," the magistrate said.

"That is why you will be dealt with by way of bonds instead of a jail sentence."

Geddes was fined $500 and placed on five two-year good behaviour bonds. The bonds will run concurrently. Supervision will be provided by the probation and parole service.

Geddes was ordered to pay $1280 compensation.