Talkin about the good, the bad and the ugly

G'DAY, you know what I reckon?

Part II of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in sport pops up with really not much bad, a bit ugly and a lot of good!

Since last week, nearly all of the winter codes have started their sign-up process and if the numbers at the Junior Roos was any example, then kids sport in Dubbo is alive and well. As it should be.

Talking of the good, I was privileged to watch 20 young men and women play an Under 14s game of cricket last Saturday at Lady Cutler oval.

CYMS played Newtown Gold in the Under 14s and won on the first day of a two day game - CYMS 3/81 defeated Newtown Gold 8/38, with this in mind the coaches got their heads together and came up with a friendly T20 match for the following week, just to keep the kids on the paddock, interested and having fun, cause that's what sport at that age is all about.

So the T20 game was played on the second week.

As Newtown was short of players CYMS helped out in the field especially Daniel Duffy, Patrick Saul and Nick McGirr, all taking turns at fielding for six or seven overs, and mind you, they were lucky not to get pumbled by their team mates because their fielding was full an and at least one of them (no names no pack drill) assisted in a run out, as in his words "Well I was playing for Newtown at the time.".

It was a very close game between both teams with CYMS batting first and all out on 58 runs and Newtown Gold chasing down the total very quickly.

In the 18th over Newtown Gold needed 11 runs to win and had two batsmen to go but a maiden over from CYMS meant it was going to be difficult.

In the last over Newtown lost a wicket and with five runs needed off the last ball they asked eight-year-old Harriet Graham who plays for CYMS Under 10s give them a hand.

Now picture this; an eight-year-old wearing her brother's gear, pads up to her tummy, a helmet down to chest and a bat that was twice her size.

It was great. As Harriet faced the last ball, she got bat on ball and the game was done.

However, the kids from both teams then played another over so Harriet could score 5 runs and have a fair bat; the ball was hit to mid-on, who "miraculously" fumbled the ball in the wrong direction, mid-off then came to pick it up and "unfortunately" kicked it toward the boundary, she ran "5" runs and finished not out - great sportsmanship from all players.

During the game each time a player got our at least two or three nearby players from the fielding team ran up and shook their hand and offered commiserations - it was a great, fun game.

Good sportsmanship is alive and well, at least in the Under 14s. So that, with the announcement of the new facilities at Vic Park No2 and 3 and with former NSW Country captain Darren Jackson returning to Macquarie in 2013 as the Raiders look to defend their Group 11 premiership is what is good about sport in Dubbo this week.

Not so much bad, and the ugly some of the rough heads in the Liberal on Wednesday in the photo announcing the new amenities, including yours truly.

What do you think, 'cause that's what I reckon.