McKay wins A Grade over 700 yards

Nine rifle shooters struggled against hot, windy conditions at the Narromine-Dubbo rifle range on Saturday when shooting was held over 700 yards. Wind changes were sudden, mirage was strong and shooters were constantly altering sight settings between shots.

At the completion of the first stage, Rob McKay was one point down in A-grade with a 49/50 while Rob Rainbow led F-class with a 54/60. Visiting shooters, Mark and Daniel Wright fired one stage each in F-class scoring 45/60 and 43/60 respectively for their first time ever with a target rifle.

The second stage saw the wind changes still playing havoc with the scores and this time, Rob McKay scored a 48/50 to take the A-grade badge on 97/100 off rifle.

In F-class, Rob Rainbow fired a 57/60 second stage to win the badge with a total of 111/120 and also took out the weekly handicap trophy.

The little white spot survived some close shaves to jackpot again for next week.

Individual scores were: Scott Monaghan 41/47, off-rifle 88, handicap 6, total 94/100; Arthur Tucker 40/38, F-class total 78/120; Dave Forster 51/54, F-class total 105/120; Rob Rainbow 54/57, F-class total 111/120; Arthur Seaman 42/50, F-class total 92/120; Rob McKay 49/48, o/r 97, hcp 3, total 100; Clive Simpson 48/54, F-class total 102/120; Daniel Wright, F-class total 43/60; Mark Wright, F-class total 45/60.

On Saturday shooting is over 800 yards starting at 12:30 pm.