Opportunity a dream come true for Jarrett

SINCE he was four years old, Connor Jarrett has been out on the soccer pitch having a kick.

Not even Jarrett himself would have thought that 14 years later he'd be preparing to move to California on a four-year soccer scholarship.

The Dubbo Bulls striker has been accepted into Lassem Community College in Susanville, California (about nine hours from Los Angeles) where in five months time he will be playing soccer - something he has wanted to do all his life.

Jarrett explained he had always known soccer was getting bigger in America, and as someone from a country area, noticed not many scouts had visited the central west.

"I looked into it all myself and found a program based in London that involved all colleges in America and the process started there," Jarrett said.

"When I first contacted them, they didn't push me away. They were really interested in what I could do."

Jarrett sent through his academic and sporting information in April last year, as well as video footage of Bulls games, highlighting his skills.

"It was very detailed and not long after they offered me a scholarship in October," he said.

At the time, Jarrett wasn't guaranteed a college, with the process involving the various colleges offering him a scholarship which he could accept or reject.

He found out he was going to California in December after turning down his first offer to play soccer in New York.

"Lassem had won seven Golden Valley Conference titles and the highest number of championships.

"It was actually one of the best colleges, and I was told it was the best offer for me.

"The scholarship covers accommodation, tuition and food... I'll have three months off during the American summer per year, which means I'll be free to come home every year in our winter."

Apart from playing soccer, Jarrett will also be studying structural engineering at college.

He said it was scary to leave his life in Dubbo behind and start an entirely new chapter.

The Jarrett family couldn't quite believe their ears when Connor told them he would be moving overseas.

As the only soccer-player in the family, Jarrett is now very excited to fly out on July 30.

"It's actually happening - I just can't believe it.

"I've been playing soccer my whole life... I was never interested in footy, basketball or cricket, I just loved the game of soccer.

"I've always put more effort into it and it's both exciting and amazing... you never know what you can achieve.

"I'm definitely going to stick it out and see where it takes me. After the four years, I'll be 23 and there'll be draft picks to the MLS (Major League Soccer) and if I do well I'll move with the club.

"Wherever soccer goes, I'll follow," he said.

Jarrett's all-time favourite soccer player, Christiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), has a life he would like to emulate, but it would take time, dedication and a lot of effort.

After Jarrett's first two years in California, he will move to a more elite college which is more advanced.

Depending on his success, he said he would move anywhere in the world to achieve his dream of playing professional soccer.