Focus should be on policy not trivia

SPECULATION has come to an early end as to when this year's election date is, but the focus has been shifted by various media to Prime Minister Julia Gillard's look.

Addressing the National Press Club in a smart new black and white suit was perfectly fine. But the choice behind some new eyewear got the country in a spin.

What should be talked about is how this play by the Prime Minister is an interesting move for the fact it will stimulate conversation and increase public scrutiny on the gamechangers.

Instead, the media and public have both lauded and criticised her for wearing dark-rimmed glasses.

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted marketer Jane Caro as saying it wouldn't be a story if Opposition Leader Tony Abbott did the same thing.

What does this say for how we view the woman in the top job? That she's not serious enough before 'smartening up' for a big announcement?

As a female in power, she has been scrutinised for things never heard of from previous Prime Ministers.

Her hair is usually the main target, which perpetuates unnecessary negativity towards redheads.

A make-over in politics has been done before, particularly notable from John Howard during his 1996 campaign.

However, yesterday's media coverage of her appearance was extreme by many standards, and not limited to stories from tabloid publications.

For all that though, our top female got on with the job and held herself in good stead.

And she had her priorities sorted.

"I've given you the election day, I can't give you the grand final winner (of the AFL/NRL seasons)," she said.


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