Hard to discredit all of the evidence

THE MERE mention of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) tends to ellicit rolled eyes and scornful comments around disbelievers.

Today's story on page seven shoots Damien Nott of Dunedoo into the limelight with his claims he has witnessed numerous UFOs around his property since moving to the 800-strong township last year.

Mr Nott said he had been filming the phenomenon regulary since he first noticed the strange lights.

Since then he has had a handful of family members also witness the UFOs, which has added strength to his claims.

The 33-year-old admitted he was worried about "putting it out there," because of ridicule.

Mr Nott said there must be many other people in communities across Australia who were seeing UFOs and keeping quiet about it for that very reason.

They don't want people to think they are crazy.

Airservices Australia and the Sydney Observatory have both dismissed his claims and footage, stating that they were probably satellites.

As he said himself, satellites don't change speed, colour and direction numerous times.

The Daily Liberal will discuss the UFO phenomena with Dubbo Observatory's Peter Neilson in tomorrow's edition.

Mr Neilson said there have been many UFO sightings in Dubbo and the Central West, but many have been discounted by experts.

He agrees, however, some sightings are hard to discredit.

In the famous words of Fox Mulder, of The X-Files fame, the truth is out there!


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