Rain welcomed but still not enough

WHILE the fires continued to rage around Australia, and the heat hovered in the low to mid 40s all week, Dubbo residents found some welcome relief Friday and Saturday.

Storm clouds began rolling in about 4pm Friday afternoon, heavy and grey on the horizon and full of promise.

Facebook and other social media saw local residents send out their prayers to the rain-gods and all their Facebook friends, who were suffering along with them.

The delicious smell of rain was soon wafting and prayers were answered as the sky opened up and dropped its precious load.

A load which soon turned to steam and instead of cooling things down, made you feel as though you had been transported, instead, to a humid tropical climate like Bali.

But without the beaches, bartering and Bintang.

What a tease of a down pour.

Just enough to wet the lawns, soak the parched towels hanging on the line and give the galahs a few puddles to splash around in.

It wasn't enough, but it was something and gave locals a small reprieve from temperatures we haven't had to endure in a few years.

It has been said that the human body struggles to stay hydrated at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, and without water would soon perish.

Exactly. Enough.

I am personally envious of my friends living in places like Norway, England and Minnesota where freezing weather and piles of endless snow is their gripe. Why does the other man's grass always seem greener, or in this case, their weather more appealing?

A happy balance is what we really all want.


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