Plenty on offer to keep kids occupied

Dubbo Sports World will be holding their final two days of holiday fun activities on Wednesday and Thursday for the bored youngsters who are sitting at home just waiting for school to start again.

Some of the fun based activities the kids get a chance to join in include soccer, cricket, laser skirmish and more - and best of all, all activities are participated in indoors - so forget the hat, forget the sunscreen - all they will need is a drink bottle, lunch and lots of energy.

The days are for boys and girls aged 5 to 12 years and are extremely cost effective - each day is just $30 per child.

You need to bring a drink and lunch - although kiosk facilities are available all day and the kids can order their lunch upon arrival and it will be sitting there awaiting them come the break - all the little things to make it that little bit easier for mum.

Each day kick starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm with the focus of these days on fun and participation which means no pressure on their performance or a certain skill level, leaving heaps of time to enjoy the exciting games and activities, plus it will give the kids something to tell their mates when they go back to school.