Drink-driver's licence disqualified for two years

A RESTAURATEUR with a limited understanding of English was assisted by an interpreter when he appeared in Dubbo Local Court on a charge of high-range drink-driving.

Ruizhan Guan, 41, of Dubbo, entered a plea of guilty.

The court heard he was involved in an accident at 2am on October 21, after a drinking session at Dubbo RSL.

Magistrate Andrew Eckhold was told Guan ran a Chinese restaurant at the Narromine Golf Club.

"His wife works during the day at an abattoir in Dubbo and assists at the restaurant in the evening,'' the solicitor representing Guan said.

"He has a need for a licence to travel between Dubbo and Narromine. He has been relying on his wife for transport since the accident and cannot do a traffic offender education program because of language difficulties. There are no previous major matters on his record.''

Magistrate Eckhold told Guan high-range drink-driving was a serious offence:

"With that much alcohol in your bloodstream you are almost guaranteed to have an accident. There is a real possibility of causing harm and injury.''

Guan was fined $300, disqualified from driving for two years and placed on a six-month good behaviour bond to be supervised by the probation and parole service.

"I know you are hard working and this will have an impact on your family,'' Magistrate Eckhold said.

"But you need education about alcohol use. You are part of the Dubbo community and need to take your responsibilities seriously.''