Competition to suffer in strategy

A STORY published yesterday by stablemates of the Daily Liberal revealed how a new strategy developed by Coles is to offer $1 per litre milk through more than 600 Coles Express outlets Australia-wide.

This is being seen as a direct attack on the traditional corner shop - a sector which is already suffering in the cross fire of the supermarket giants’ food price war.

Coles has not added its $1 bread to its convenience store offering but did cut the price of its Coles brand bread from $2.49 to $2.30.

Corner stores struggle in cities like Dubbo and while they were a part of the rites of growing up a generation or two ago, these days outlets, like the Brisbane Street store stand empty.

Dairy farmers protested loudly but with little success when Coles and Woolworths decided to sell milk at $1 a litre as this price was close to or below the cost of production.

Of course the future of a corner store could be confirmed if people shopped there but these days with the dollar expected to go further and further, it helps make the decision easier.

In a reverse on the theory of the Field of Dreams: “build it and they will come”; we’re faced with “use it or we’ll lose it” forever. 

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TONY Abbott, the Leader of the Federal Opposition has a polarising effect in the community but a tweet describing his service as a volunteer fighting fires near Yass as a stunt, was too far below the belt.

Mr Abbott has a long record as a RFS volunteer [since 2000] and was the bridge vice captain before he became party leader.

Perhaps it’s time other politicians from both sides of the table need to step up as well.


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