Bushfire survival plan is essential

IT is no surprise that this time of year is the hottest and Dubbo residents, indeed all Australians, should take extra precautions in January and February.

The Rural Fire Service (RFS) have issued a warning to residents in potential bushfire hotspots to draw up a Bushfire Survival Plan to ensure the safety of their homes and themselves.

Available on rfs.nsw.gov.au, the plan should have vital information on how best to organise your home and belongings in case of a fire.

During fire season, there are three words that must be remembered - prepare, act and survive..

You must be able to identify the type of fire before you make any sudden changes. By listening and watching your local news, you will know the fire danger rating which ranges from low moderate (be on alert) to catastrophic (evacuate immediately).

Be sure to protect all pets and livestock in an emergency. Always think - where will we go and will it be safer? This location is also very important and should be included in your survival plan. If you have family and friends further away from the fire, ensure they are well informed of the situation.

An emergency survival kit is another necessity if caught in an emergency. General items include a portable battery-operated radio, waterproof torch, spare batteries, first-aid kit, emergency contact numbers as well as a lot of drinking water.

Depending on the severity of the fire, residents can choose to defend their home (once it is evacuated) but always contact the RFS regardless of the fire danger rating.


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