Gilgandra water supply under stress

THE CONTINUING hot, dry weather is starting to put the Gilgandra town water supply under stress, with usage now outstripping production.

On Wednesday, Gilgandra residents used 5.1 megalitres, while the filtration plant has a maximum operating capacity of 4.6 megalitres per day.

Gilgandra Shire Council director works and technical services, Rolly Lawford said if usage remained above production capacity, the council would need to look at some form of temporary restrictions to build reserves back up.

He said 5.1 megalitres in one day was an all-time record for usage.

"We completely understand people needing to water their gardens; however, we need to bring usage in line with production otherwise pressure will drop and the council will be forced to implement restrictions to build reservoir levels back up," he said.

Gilgandra Shire Council suggested the following actions in an attempt to conserve water.

- Try to limit showers to four minutes or less (22 per cent of water usage in the average household is through showering).

- Only do full loads of washing and use the dishwasher only when it is full .

- Check for leaking taps and toilets as dripping tap can leak as much as 30 litres per day.

- Avoid watering the garden and lawn between 9am and 6pm. Much of the water is lost in evaporation in the current heat.

- If you have a pool, put a cover on the pool when not in use to minimize evaporation.

- Do not hose down hard surfaces; use a broom; and

- Apply mulch to your garden.

Mr Lawford said if every resident saved a small amount of water each day it would bring usage and production back in line.

"We need people on the Gilgandra town water supply saving about 150 litres per person per day," he said.

"Currently usage is about 1700 litres per person per day.

"I realize not everyone uses that amount, however, I think people understand the concept that with no substantial rain in sight and forecast for extremely hot weather, the reservoirs need to be replenished to avoid the need for introducing some form of water restrictions."


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