Farewell for young boy killed in accident

The paddocks behind Elizabeth Street in Wellington where the accident occurred.
The paddocks behind Elizabeth Street in Wellington where the accident occurred.

MOURNERS will be dressed in green, yellow, black and red at St Brigid's Church this week at the funeral of the young Wellington boy killed in a tragic Christmas Day motorcycle accident.

Green and the colours of the Aboriginal flag were the favourite colours of the nine year old.

On the Daily Liberal Facebook page the young boy's mother called her son a hero, in a Saturday post, for preventing his five-year-old brother from getting onto the motorcycle that would crash.

The motorcycle was the Christmas present of a 12-year-old boy who survived the crash but sustained serious injuries.

On December 28 the mother of the boy announced to family and friends via her Facebook account that the funeral would be held in Dubbo.

"Those who wish to attend to pay there respects for my beautiful Angel my only request of u all is if u could wear either Green or Koori colours as his fav colour was yarndi green (that's wat he called it) & he often played paint on his sisters laptop & was forever making Koori flags or patterns with the red black & yellow," she said.

The boy's mother commented that her son was not allowed to get on a motorcycle without a helmet.

"Somehow the excitement of xmas day & the fact that his friends had a bike was obviously exciting," she posted.

"i truelly believe he saved his brother. He has had his own bikes in the past & neva rode them without a helmet."

The nine year-old boy's mother labelled some people "inconsiderate" for Facebook comments that had been posted.

"I know in my own heart I taught my SON to b safe & I have to live with the guilt of knowing he was only meant to get his little brother & id argued with him less than half hour before that he wasn't allowed on the bike without a helmet," she posted.

The boy's mother also posted on Facebook that she planned to hold a memorial service in Wellington when school starts in 2013 to include her son's friends.

"I cant believe this happening & I neva thought id have to do something like this but he was & is my boy forever & its the least I can do," she posted.

The young boy's mother also thanked those who had supported her after the death of her son.

"I truelly appreciate all the support & thank you to each & everyone that has been affected by this. It shows me how much my lil Man was loved & how many peoples lives he touched," she posted.


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