Bad behaviour starts at young age

MEGAN Taylor's story reporting on an SBS news report which featured East Dubbo's troubled Apollo Estate generated plenty of opinions from long-term residents in the area.

One woman, who has lived in Armstrong Crescent for about 30 years said crime and violence in the estate was the result of young people not having boundries.

Mrs K, said she believed the root of the problem in the housing estate came back to children not learning appropriate boundaries in their homes.

She also bemoaned the court system for not dealing effectively with the growing juvenille crime problem.

Mrs K, said she believed adults knew the consequences of their behaviour through rules and accountability.

She said the juvenilles who were responsible for a large percentage of the crimes being committed around the estate and the city, would continue to commit crimes because of the basic lack of repercussions.

She noted a large fight that she said involved up to 50 people in a park in the estate on Saturday night, drew police quickly, but once the police had dispersed the crowd, the "carry-on" continued on and off until 4am.

Mrs K, like Brigette Fernando, and probably many other residents in Apollo Estate, have had enough.

Both women believe the estate is headed down the same path as the former Gordon Estate.

Is it right that the behaviour of a few "bad apples," continues to affect the lives of residents who just want to be able to live in peace without the constant threat of drama, crime and violence in their neighbourhood?


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