Fire storm at Eumungerie

THE APOCALYPSE may not have eventuated but many Eumungerie residents were left wondering after a 30-hectare fire tore through a property after a random lightning strike, over the weekend.

Early Friday evening the president of Eumungerie Rural Fire Service, Leo De Kroo, said a "negative lightning strike" had hit a property in the village, triggering a grass fire that quickly exceeded the local brigade's resources.

He said at one point residents were concerned the village would be under threat.

Mr De Kroo said a call out was placed for extra help.

He said up to 10 fire fighting units from the rural fire brigades of Terramungamine, Mogriguy, Boothenba and Dubbo headquarters assisted in fighting the fire for more than six hours.

"We needed all the help we could get," he said.

"Without that back up, the fire would have jumped Maiala Road, which separates the property from the village.

"We were so worried, it would have had a huge problem."

Mr De Kroo said he was impressed by the brigades who came to assist the villagers. He said many were heading off for Christmas celebrations with friends and family and put their own plans on hold to help out.

The brigade president and local resident said the well-known property was once owned by the McMillan's whose father gazetted the village of Eumungerie.

"He owned the sawmill and was instrumental in pushing for a school in Eumungerie," he said.

A spokesperson for the Rural Fire Service said there had been no reports of injuries.

He also stated a lightning strike had caused the fire and said it was responsible for many fires in regional and rural areas under the current humid conditions.

He said the Eumungerie fire also threatened the rail corridor but was contained before any damage occurred.

RFS trucks were patrolling the area again yesterday to ensure any smouldering remains did not flare-up.

The spokesperson reminded rural residents to be vigilant and clear areas around homes and sheds.

Close call for Eumungerie as lightning starts blaze nearby that quickly overwhelmed the local fire brigade.

Close call for Eumungerie as lightning starts blaze nearby that quickly overwhelmed the local fire brigade.


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