'Tragic circumstances' in Cowra murder case

A Supreme Court judge has found a Cowra man not guilty of murder by reason of mental illness.

Paul William Mundy, who last week stood trial for murdering a woman at a Kendal Street flat in February 2011, will be detained in a mental health facility as determined by the Mental Health Review Tribunal until released by due process of the law.

He will be released only if the Tribunal is satisfied that the safety of the public will not be seriously endangered by his release. 

Supreme Court judge Justice Stephen Rothman said last Thursday the evidence before the Court “makes clear that better treatment of the mentally ill is an essential element in dealing with the tragic circumstances that occurred on this occasion”. 

“As a consequence of the findings of fact in this matter and the findings of the mental state of the accused in this matter, the Court determines that there should be a finding of a special verdict, namely, that the accused, Paul William Mundy, is not guilty of the charge that he murdered [a woman]...by reason of mental illness,” Justice Rothman said. 

Justice Rothman also said he was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt, that but for the defence of mental illness, the accused would be guilty of murder.

Mr Mundy was charged with the murder of a woman at a flat above his butcher shop in Kendal Street on February 2, 2011.

The victim had suffered several severe head injuries on the left and right sides of her head, her forehead and her face, with a large amount of blood on her head and face.

Mr Mundy was located downstream from the Cowra Bridge at or about 4:30pm on February 2.

While Mr Mundy was in an ambulance, he told a detective he had gone to the bridge for what he had done.

He said he did not know what he had done to the deceased, but that he had injured her because they had problems.

Lifeline: 13 11 14. 

Tragic circumstances in Cowra murder case, man found not guilty.

Tragic circumstances in Cowra murder case, man found not guilty.


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