Deaths in society sadden all of us

TODAY'S back page story of Warwick Rapley is an incredibly touching one and the Daily Liberal extends its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of this fine sportsman.

Most fathers want to or dream of the chance of playing sport with their sons.

Cricket is one of those sports where father and son can play together and thus the weight of sadness in this tale is even heavier.

Few fathers and sons play contact sports like various football codes but cricket and hockey are two sports where fun in the backyard can be taken a further step.

The loss of Mr Rapley will be deeply felt by his family and his friends and while it might be of little comfort, the fact he was enjoying time with his son will be slight consolation.


ON another serious topic, the apparent death by suicide of a nurse who was part of a Sydney radio station's prank call is equally as sad.

Let us hope as the investigation progresses there will be some light shed on the topic.

While we should all mourn the loss, it is slightly alarming to watch the breathless prating of some sections of the English media lunging about lathering the radio station with vitriol.

Most thinking people would agree the English media almost wrote the play book with mastheads like News of the World and its like leaving a trail of destruction.

First remove the pole from your own eye chaps.


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