Pleasing to see positive statistics

PARENTS and friends of schools in and around Dubbo would or should be pleased with the statistics indicating the number of suspensions are down.

Behaviour at all levels of the community is often the topic of conversation at water-coolers, barbecues etc as the apparent decline of manners and lawlessness comes up time and again as a social gripe.

Certainly most of our police would probably support the claim they are subject to increasing levels of vitriol from sectors of the community as they try to uphold the law. Common complaints from others is that our magistrates are too lenient when it comes to giving bail to recurring offenders.

The question is: What do we expect of those who are consistent or frequent law breakers? Why do they put themselves in a position where they feel the need to steal other people’s property or vandalise community property?

Would the adoption of degrees of Islamic Sharia law prove effective, like lopping off the hand of a recalcitrant who continues to commit break and enters?

Victims in general would probably agree but the wider social impact is where do you draw the line? Would capital punishment be reintroduced?

Or do you continue to work in society with education, and create opportunity for all levels of the community to be able to get jobs that pay well enough so lifestyle choices can be supported?

Whatever the decision, it’s still a work in progress.


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