Loud music offender gets court bonds

A WOMAN has been fined and placed on good behaviour bonds after clashing with police during a late night row over loud music.

Tonette Milson pleaded guilty to charges of resisting and assaulting police, behaving in an offensive manner, using offensive language and two counts of not ceasing noise emission after receiving abatement directions.

The court heard the offences occurred at Bourke late at night on August 7.

Magistrate Andrew Eckhold was told 36-year-old Milson had previously been unemployed.

She recently moved to Dubbo and was now working as a cleaner.

Magistrate Andrew Eckhold said the assault on police was at the lower end of the scale.

“But the whole thing was out of control,’’ he said.

“This was appalling behaviour. You had your music too loud and went looking for trouble. The attitude expressed to police was appalling and the language unnecessary.’’

A large amount of subjective material relating to Milson’s background was put before the court.

Magistrate Eckhold said a lot of people had difficulties in their lives but did not end up in court.

“This was sheer bloody mindedness by you,’’ he said.

“You need to look at what has driven you to act in this way. You need to address personal issues to become a better citizen and mother.’’

Magistrate Eckhold imposed fines totalling $400.

Milson was placed on a series of good behaviour bonds.