Daily Horoscopes: Thursday, November 29

Read Astrologer Alison Moroney's daily stars for Thursday, November 29, 2012.
Read Astrologer Alison Moroney's daily stars for Thursday, November 29, 2012.

ARIES: Your impassioned stance has dual potential during November 29: doorways can open or close depending on your handling of the matter.  Maintain perspective and discriminative judgment.

TAURUS:  With the financial resources at your disposal during November 29, you have the opportunity to change your life: perhaps through and educational opportunity or long-distance trip.

GEMINI:  November 29 is a good time to investigate potential health problems, as you will get to the bottom of the matter.  Research associated with work is productive.

CANCER:  Romance or a child plays an important role in your life during the couple of days around November 29, being part of an impetus that will change the course of your life.

LEO:  Constructive changes to the home appear to be under consideration during November 29, whether you’re planning a make-over or hiring staff to assist at home.

VIRGO:  Your understanding of life will be deepened by experiences as a parent or because of your involvement in a love relationship.  Such trends are active during November 29.

LIBRA:  A relocation, renovation or property investment forms part of your options, with November 29 bringing these issues into focus.  You are in a good position to advance these interests.

SCORPIO: You are in a cycle that will dramatically deepen your understanding of life through daily encounters and personal studies, with November 29 bringing highlights.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are playing a game of financial manipulation at the moment, which can be quite stressful.  November 29 see you managing these issues well.

CAPRICORN:  Your heart is afire with dreams and goals as you are determined to make important changes to your life.  A move or new image is part of the plan, with action on November 29.

AQUARIUS:  You will be quite skilful at managing problems during November 29, even though you would rather have not been in your current position in the first place.

PISCES:  Significant opportunities await you, whether they are in educational advancement, the shaping of dreams, or in the value of friendship.  You sense this during November 29.

LUCKY NUMBERS: Aries: 1, 3, 4, 9; Taurus: 5, 8; Gemini: 6, 7; Cancer: 3, 4, 7, 9; Leo: 1, 3, 4, 9; Virgo: 6, 8; Libra: 5, 7; Scorpio: 2, 3, 7, 9; Sagittarius: 1, 3, 4, 9; Capricorn: 5, 6; Aquarius: 5, 6; Pisces:  2, 4, 7.