What's on at BIFF - Sunday, November 25

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen plays against type in The Hunt, about a likeable teacher accused of exposing himself to a student. An explosive study of the irreparable damage one small lie can cause. 2pm, Petrie Barracks 4.

Paradise: Love tackles the realities of sex tourism in Africa, where young, muscled Kenyan men display their wares on beaches for wealthy, middle-aged white women. There's desperation on both sides – for cash, sexual fantasy, or the hope of emotional intimacy. Confronting, and with jarring sex scenes, Paradise: Love is a searing critique on post-colonial relations. 3:30pm, Palace Centro 1.

The Queen of Versailles has taken out the 2012 BIFFDOCS prize, and there's no doubt it's a worthy winner. This startling documentary about an uber-rich Florida family trying to build their dream mansion despite the GFC will make your eyes pop out of your head. Oh, how the 1 per cent live! 4:30pm, Palace Barracks 4.

Fans of classic cinema will love Bergman and Magnani: The War of Volcanoes, which documents the real-life love triangle between Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman, Italian screen siren Anna Magnani and director Roberto Rossellini. 5:45pm, Tribal Theatre 2.

Cap off BIFF's Monster Fest program with The 25th Reich, a black comedy involving time travel, UFOs, giant mosquitoes and Robo-Nazis. Made in Australia, this gleeful homage to WW2 action and B-grade sci-fi sees five elite American soldiers up against the horrors of Hitler's 25th Reich. 6:30pm, Tribal Theatre 1.

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