Option which improves safety needs support

THE Daily Liberal must endorse Cr Ben Shields' call for traffic lights at the school crossing for students at the West Dubbo Public School, if only because it seems a safer and a better option than the proposed wombat crossing.

Certainly the behaviour of a few careless and thoughtless drivers forced the relevant authority - the Roads and Martime Service - to take away the lollipop people for fear they were not safe.

Of course it did not escape the point that the removal of the crossing guards could also put children at risk too.

Cr Shields made the point during committee meeting discussions on Monday evening that Dubbo City Council staff had advised a wombat crossing had not been suitable at Windsor Parade outside an aged care home, and yet they were recommending it for East Street.

He makes a good point that lights are acceptable for three other schools within our city boundaries - St John's, Buninyong and Orana Heights.

The councillor said he went to observe the behaviour of traffic at the school and described it as "quite frightening".

If this was the case then the call should be made for the police to regularly patrol the area and the handing out of penalty notices might pull the most recalcitrant of drivers back into line.

This city should not have to have a serious accident to make a point about child safety.