Motives of Sri Lankan asylum seekers questionable to MP

Fairfax Media cartoonist Alan Moir's cartoon of a victorious Barack Obama.
Fairfax Media cartoonist Alan Moir's cartoon of a victorious Barack Obama.

G'DAY, y' know what I reckon?

So with the arrival of the 300,000th Sri Lankan asylum seeker last week, or so it seemed, the question remains: "Will the boats ever stop coming?"

I'm not one for saying we shouldn't help people, we should and let's face it our backyard is big enough for just about half the world (Julia and Kevin 747, maybe we should have used our surplus that you had and built some towns and water supplies for them, but like most people I don't like people that push in).

Remember lining up at the school tuck shop and the big kid from two classes up just pushed in and took the last cream bun or apple slice? Didn't that really p*** you off?

Well that's what it seems like with 25 boats in the first 23 days of October and surely many more to come.

The straw that broke the camel's back for me was the decision by 18 Sri Lankan asylum seekers to return home instead of going to Nauru for the processing of their claims.

Liberal MP Steve Ciobo questioned the motives of the men in seeking asylum in Australia in the first place.

"What this is a sign of is that a lot of asylum seekers that are coming to this country are not genuine refugees," he told Sky News. "They're people... who are trying to take advantage of Labor's soft laws."

And that's the thing... Exactly what is an "asylum seeker" and why does it take so long to establish their claims? How hard is it to prove?

If you have made it to Malaysia or Indonesia and had a passport to get you there, why don't you have it when you arrive at Christmas Island? Does it mean you're a shonk and can't be trusted?

Opposition Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop said the decision of the men to return to Sri Lanka "calls into question" the processing of every application since the country's 25-year civil war ended in 2009.

"As asylum seekers, I assume that they were seeking to flee from persecution," Ms Bishop told the ABC. She questioned why the group would therefore choose to return home, rather than go to the "safe haven" of Nauru.

And then there is the question of detention centres being riot-proofed, including ceilings and roofs being toughened or completely replaced.

Why? Because someone didn't like the ref's call, didn't want to go to Nauru. Must be soccer players.

Honestly we have to pick them up, clothe them, feed them, look after them, fix up the damage when they don't like the call, and then when they get shipped to a South Pacific Tropical Island, they want to go home???? What the...? This shows they were not genuine refugees in the first place.

Seriously if you are fair dinkum and you want to jump the queue, bring your photo ID, so we know who you are. It's not that we don't want you, but what about all the others doing it correctly that are being pushed back down the queue because you pushed in.

But forget Sri Lanka as the main refugee supply; it looks like we have another threat from the North-East.

Australia is the new safe-haven escape for disgruntled Americans, unhappy with the Obama election victory. reported, "Unhappy potential voters took to Twitter to warn their fellow countrymen that they would be shutting up shop and moving to the wonderful land of Oz should Obama win the election.

"If Obama wins im moving to Australia and becoming a kangaroo whisperer," tweeted @GriffinWilson1.

@CarsonCagle wrote: "If Obama wins I'm moving to Australia and going to Hillsong University."

Aussie Twitter users took to Twitter to warn the potential ex-pats that Australia was a country that had embraced both gun control and socialised medicine after BuzzFeed compiled a list of 37 Americans who were threatening to immigrate Down Under.

"Anyone saying they're moving to Australia if Obama wins can stay right where they are," tweeted @FaintofMatts. "We are already at maximum f***wit occupancy."

"If yr moving to Australia if Obama wins: 1. We have public healthcare, schools etc -"socialism" to you. 2. We have a woman leader 3. No guns," tweeted another user @lootlou.

So watch out Nauru, an influx of septic tanks are on the way, they'll probably want to jump the queue, particularly if it is near Hungry Jacks or Macca's.

What do you think, 'cause that's what I reckon.



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