Fans only want to show how friendly central west can be

LAST  night a young man who hails from the region, Jason Owen sang and performed to a capacity audience in the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club auditorium.

Jason, who hails from the tiny locality of Albert and who went to school in Narromine, is a grand finalist in the television singing reality show The X-Factor.

Keeping him company around the district yesterday as the production crew from The X-Factor gathered footage of his childhood haunts was ex-Spice Girl Mel B.

We’re friendly folk out here in the central west and no doubt many of those voting for Jason are from this part of the world among the thousands who are texting or clicking in support of this young man’s great voice.

But Mel, loosen up a bit sister, we’re not going to scratch the paintwork on your limo, we’re not going to stalk you like the paparazzi and seek court orders to keep our distance from you. 

We just want to be your mate and make you feel like you’re welcome here in our city.

So don’t treat the people out here like we’re a bit of dust on your boots treat us like you’d like to be treated yourself. 

There is nothing worse for a fan to show some enthusiasm only to be rejected like a used tissue.

So we hope you had a great time and enjoyed some of our many attractions and come back again and we’ll show you friendship and respect.