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    We wanted to help and so Karma Kegs raised $25,000 to build a BMX track to keep the kids entertained for hours on end. Not only has it kept the young ones on the straight and narrow, but it also provides a healthy form of fun – the kids can’t get enough of it!

    Port Augusta - BMX Launch 284

    Many local businesses as well as “Dirtz” BMX Track Builders helped us out along the way to achieve our goal and for that we can’t thank them enough.

    Building the BMX track is part of an ongoing contribution Karma Kegs is having in this area and one that we are dedicated to. Along with the track, we built a ‘Healing Garden’ nearby to assist young children in dealing with the loss of their parents, family and friends.

    According to tradition, the names of those who have passed cannot be spoken about for up to 2 years, making it hard for the little ones to remember their loved ones lost. The community forwarded the idea of a Healing Garden which provides a safe place for the names of those who have passed to be spoken of and stories of their lives shared.

    Port Augusta - BMX Launch 273


    Our desire is that this project is modelled throughout Australia as we continue our mission of striving for change in Indigenous communities. Through assisting and improving their way of life in any way we can, our friends in Port Augusta will never know the incredible impact they’ve had on our own lives.