Kite gets green light to soar over Cobar

City slickers have the approval of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to fly a kite in Cobar.

A “robust” 120 square feet kite, that is, on a string as thin as cotton and that can carry a weight of 130kg and is attached by a winch to a trailer.

Robert Moore and his four kite enthusiast mates from Sydney and Melbourne will attempt to break the world altitude record for a kite, which currently stands at 13,609ft, in an attempt between March 22 and April 6.

Mr Moore’s team hopes to reach 15,000ft after CASA gave them the all clear for lift off on a property 40km northwest of Cobar because it’s “out of the way”.

“We have to fly the zone provided by CASA and Air Services Australia to ensure aircraft and our big kites are kept well apart,” he said.

Mr Moore’s highest height of 10,466ft was reached in 2007 and this will be the fourth time he’s attempted to break the world record.

Mr Moore isn’t phased by the record height and believes his team could reach 18,000ft given the right conditions.

“The wind can’t be too strong and it can’t be too calm - there’s a fairly narrow window of opportunity,” he said.

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