Cattle numbers still strong

The festive season is fast approaching, the weather is becoming warmer and harvest, in the main, is in full swing. At Dubbo, cattle numbers are still running at strong levels with 5700 head being the draw for the sale on November 24.

STRONG DRAW: Dubbo cattle numbers are still running at strong levels with 5700 head drawn on November 24.

STRONG DRAW: Dubbo cattle numbers are still running at strong levels with 5700 head drawn on November 24.

Sheep and lamb numbers are not so pronounced with the previous Monday’s draw producing only around 13,000 lambs and 7000 mutton.

The cattle are generally of reasonable quality presenting in prime condition and carrying more weight as would be expected due to the suitable season.

Sheep and lamb are starting to show the signs of a season nearing its end with many secondary pens being being offered.

Burr penetration, worm infestations and pastures suitable for cattle but not ideal for prime sheep and lamb production are some reasons given by graziers for the drop in quality and finish seen in the pens of small stock at the saleyards.

Graziers are reminded there are only four weeks of sales left before we the Christmas break.

To my knowledge we have two store cattle sales left. December 2 and 16. Agents involved on the 16th already say they have booked some outstanding sums of steers.

Angus Barlow, of Ballimore Auctions, reminded the column of its re-used sale date for December. As in recent years, the sale is moved forward to the second Sunday, the 11th, from the normal time slot of the every third Sunday in the month.

The Australian Agricultural Co. (AACo) recently launched two new luxury beef brands in Singapore. This follows a successful first six months of its financial year up to September 30.

According to reports, AACo’s net profit was $47.9 million. Its decision to own cattle all the way through the supply chain was shown to improve quality, consistency, reliability and overall costs of production.

We think that at Dubbo, and elsewhere, the industry is processing a lot of blue meat from Jon Condon at Beef Central.

We glean the following snippets of bull slaughtering from New Zealand. In the early weeks of October, NZ was processing 2500 bulls a week. For the last week of October, the figure rose to 11,000 bulls. Provided seasonal conditions remain normal, Mr Condon expects that figure to double come mid-December.

This is part of the reason behind soft prices for grinding beef to be delivered to the US in January and February. 

Peter Cruickshank, Trangie, reminds all lamb and mutton vendors a charity auction will be held early in 2017 for the McGrath Foundation. It will be held at the Troy Stockmarkets on January 12 from 11am. All proceeds will fund more breast cancer nurses. The people of Trangie and surrounding districts have shown strong leadership for this great cause.

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