VIDEO: Police conduct search at railway station

ONE bag of cannabis was found in the possession of a female passenger during a public transport drug raid at Dubbo Railway Station yesterday.

Passengers from the afternoon XPT service from Sydney had the surprise of their lives when their luggage was searched by about 20 police officers and a drug detection dog.

Part of a scheduled public transport drug operation by Orana Local Area Command, police targeted the passengers from the 2pm rail service as well three coach services from Newcastle and Broken Hill.

Dubbo police aided by a labrador sniffer dog arrived in full force at 1.30pm yesterday and were seen searching through coach passengers' luggage.

A female passenger from the Broken Hill CountryLink service was searched by the dog squad who allegedly found one small bag of cannabis.

Sergeant Richard Morley confirmed it was a scheduled drug dog operation on the XPT, as well as CountryLink buses.

"The operation targets public transport as we received information passengers may have been holding illegal drugs on these services today," he said.

"The raid is part of today's operation as indicated to police."

Once the XPT service arrived, two police officers pulled a youth aside and proceeded to search and question him.

Sergeant Morley said there were no drugs found on the delayed 2pm XPT service from Sydney.

But passengers on the crowded railway platform looked confused and shocked as police continued body and luggage searches.

A Trangie woman said she had never experienced a drug raid before in her life.

"I was shocked to see so many police officers come aboard my coach today," she said.

Another man was stopped by police, who found a large collection of what appeared to be medication.

"I've got no drugs on me," the man told police.

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