No reason given for deliberate damage to vehicle

WHY did an 81-year-old man with no criminal history deliberately scratch a vehicle in the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club car park?

Magistrate Andrew Eckhold couldn't get a clear answer when Neville Raymond Glover was brought before Dubbo Local Court on a charge of malicious damage.

"What provoked this?'' the magistrate asked.

"I can't speak to that,'' Glover's Legal Aid solicitor replied.

The court heard the victim parked his vehicle in clear sight of a demountable office set up in the RSL car park on October 10 last year.

At 10am Glover was observed near the vehicle. He looked at the windscreen before moving to the rear of the vehicle.

The victim heard a sound of metal scrapping metal and saw a large scratch and fresh paint shavings.

The victim confronted Glover inside the RSL club. The court heard Glover denied any wrong doing and walked away.

Police were called and Glover was arrested.

The police prosecution told the court the owner of the vehicle was seeking compensation.

Two smash repair quotes, each totalling more than $2000, were tendered to the court.

Legal Aid identified Glover as a pensioner with limited means.

"He has little to survive on,'' the solicitor said.

"Discretion is available to the court regarding compensation orders.''

The court heard legal argument on compensation payments.

Magistrate Eckhold said he was prepared to give Glover an opportunity.

"You are 81 years of age and have had no criminal antecedents during your entire life,'' the magistrate said.

"I still don't under why this happened. A lot of panels (on the vehicle) were damaged.

"I am prepared to dismiss the matter. You are ordered to pay court costs of $83.''

Magistrate Eckhold did not make a determination on the compensation order.

More legal argument will be heard next week.

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