Suspended sentence for assaulting police

A WOMAN who grabbed a female constable around the throat during a violent assault on three police officers will be sent to jail if she steps out of line during the next seven months.

Lisa Stewart appeared shocked when Dubbo Local Court Magistrate Andrew Eckhold said each attack on police carried a maximum sentence of five years in jail on indictment.

"It is not OK to assault police officers when they are trying to do their job,'' the magistrate said.

"The court has an obligation to support police in the difficult task they undertake in the community.''

Stewart pleaded guilty to three charges of assaulting police and one charge of resisting police.

The offences put the 28-year-old in breach of a good behaviour bond.

The court heard Stewart became enraged when she saw her partner being placed under arrest.

"He was on ice (methamphetamine) at the time,'' Magistrate Eckhold said.

"The facts of your offending are very unattractive. You were yelling and swearing and pushed past police to stop them restraining your partner.

"Police moved you away but you ran back and assaulted three officers.

"Police were trying to do their job in a fraught situation witnessed by 100 people.''

Magistrate Eckhold told Stewart she had received opportunities when good behaviour bonds were imposed for past offending.

"You got yourself embroiled in the drug sub-culture,'' he said.

"It is starting to look like you are choosing to do bad things.''

Magistrate Eckhold revoked the previous good behaviour bond and imposed a further 18-month bond.

He ordered Stewart to perform a total of 250 hours community service for resisting and assaulting police.

A seven-month suspended jail sentence was imposed.

Stewart was warned to stay out of trouble.

"If you commit further offences you will be brought back to court to be re-sentenced,'' Magistrate Eckhold said.

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