NSW Pro Burnout event organisers all revved up

The recent NSW Pro Burnouts held at Morris Park saw a huge crowd of close to 3000 fans pack the venue to witness the inaugural event.

A total of 68 entrants in three categories of competition were ecstatic to have a prestigious event like this organised in Dubbo.

Competitors travelled from as far away as Cairns, Brisbane, South Australia, Victoria, ACT and all corners of NSW to take part in the inaugural running of the NSW Pro Burnouts which offered more than $20,000 in prize money and trophies to be won.

Many of the competitors had recently competed at Summernats and Kandos before including Dubbo on their national calendar.

"One of the reasons the NSW Pro Burnouts was such a success was that it catered for a 'street-class' competitor where the opportunity is given for your regular street-registered vehicles to throw on some tyres and perform a burnout which earned points for time taken, amount of smoke and penalties given for leaving the skid pad," Leanne Anning from Morris Park explained.

"Another reason for the huge success of this event was that local businesses got behind it, sharing in the philosophy of Morris Park Promotions Pty Ltd and Burning Rubber Promotions and their dual effort to provide for a motorsport that has the potential to minimise driver accidents and serious injury on our public roads.

"Our philosophy is to provide a controlled site where every precaution is taken to ensure that a competitor's and spectator's safety comes first. We want to do our part for the community to help minimise serious injury to drivers with a passion to race or skid."

Promoted as a non-alcohol event from the onset the NSW Pro Burnouts was a joint initiative with Adrian Iverach of the Commercial Hotel who set out to make it a family orientated event.

To eliminate stereotypes associated with a general perception of burnout entrants, families and enthusiasts were invited back to the Commercial Hotel after the event, which finished at 6pm, for dining and refreshments to celebrate the event's success.

Morris Park Promotions have had expressions of interest from Dubbo City Car Club and Orange Car Club to utilise the burnout pad for events during their 2013/14 speedway season and plans are to include a couple of dates in that calendar to provide for these clubs to hold 'test and tunes' and 'show and shine' events in the future.

"Morris Park has been catering for many forms of motor sports since the late 1950s and it is just that, a 'motor sport complex'," Anning said.

"We have opened Dubbo up to a new audience base with the readers of Street Machine, Street Commodores, Street Fords, Muscle Cars etc being in the hundreds of thousands and how many of these enthusiasts would never have made a trip to Dubbo without an event like this to attend?

"We are very pleased with the success of the new burnout pad and the NSW Pro Burnouts will be an annual event that brings a multitude of new visitors to Dubbo."

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