Suspicious of a scam in Darling Street

DUBBO business owners, workers and customers on Darling Street knew there was something suspicious about a man who recently approached them asking for fuel money claiming to not have his wallet.

Police have received "quite a few reports" from members of the public about the latest scam to hit the streets of Dubbo with detectives currently looking into the case.

Warnings have also been sent out through Facebook group Dubbo Crime Reports about a man and woman both approaching businesses in the city asking for money to pay a fuel bill.

The scammers claimed to have left their wallets in Mudgee.The Facebook group also alleged that three businesses around Dubbo had fallen for the con.

Toongi's Little Quilt Shop owner Lesley Morgan was under no illusion that the "rough" looking man who entered her business nearly two weeks ago was trying to swindle money.

"It was a Friday morning, it might have been a fortnight ago," she said.

"He approached me and the customers in the shop at that time and said he needed $50."

Mrs Morgan said the logic behind the story the man was telling her didn't quite add up.

"I don't know why the man at the service station would have let him go," she said.

"I didn't think it added up, just a hoax story trying to pilfer money."

The man also asked the customers Mrs Morgan was serving for money.

"He just looked at all the ladies," she said.

When it was made clear his request for money was not going to be met the man hurriedly left the shop then drove off in a car, according to Mrs Morgan.

Cutters on Darling employee Cherie Renshaw saw the man walk across the street and enter Toongi's Little Quilt Shop after he had already asked her for money.

"He came in and said he had a job in Mudgee and had just filled his car and could I lend him $50 for petrol," she said.

"I just said, "I am sorry I don't have $50."

Ms Renshaw said she had not heard of the scam before the man walked into her workplace.

"The petrol station don't let you drive away it you don't have money, I thought it was a bit strange," she said.

"I saw him go into the quilt shop, then get into his car and drive away."

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