Holiday fun with kids and animals

ELEPHANTS, crocodiles and unicorns recently made an appearance at the Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC).

Eleven children had plenty of fun making zoo animals as part of the cultural centre’s school holiday program.

Hamish Foran, 8, made a caterpillar and an emu sitting on a nest.

“When I go camping I always see emus running next to the car and I open the window and try to pat it but it tries to nip me,” he said.

“I thought it was cool making my own caterpillar because I like bugs.”

Seven-year-old Liberty McArthy said she really enjoyed the zoo animals activity.

She said she made porcupines because they had spikes.

“I want to have one at home because I can poke my sister with it,” she said, laughing.

Sometimes Alex Barclay found echidnas under the tree next to the dog kennel at home so she decided to make three baby echidnas.

“The dog always barks at it so I have to go out to get them before the dog eats it and has spikes in his mouth,” she said.

“I had lots of fun today and I want to do it again.”

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