Norris, Smart and Brown on top of competition


SUNDAY morning bowls results went as follows: Keith Norris, Jim Smart, Allan Brown 21 def Nev Kitcher, Ron Wiegold, Don Orth 14; Dave Kilsbey, John Cole, Reg Jones 27 def Chris Keenan, Ron Dean, Maurie Cole 8; John Fardell, Bill Pearce, Allan Russell 27 def Trevor Hampson, Bob Ridge, Noel Hogden 11; Eric Fitzgerald, Roger Sherwin, Kevin Scott 18 def Jeff Perry, Vince Reynolds, Peter Kelly 9; Andrew Spence, John Smith, Killer Hayburn 12 def Barry Joseph, Mick Pilon, Tom Martyn 11.

The morning winners were Allan Russell, Bill Pearce, John Fardell and rester Don Orth (KFC); lucky number Dave Kilsdbey, Don Orth, Bill Pearce and Allan Brown.

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