Truckies getting the point

ALMOST 100 fines were issued to truck drivers in the first year after two sets of point-to-point speed cameras were installed to Dubbo's north and south.

More than 75 per cent of the leadfoots were detected by the Eumungerie-Gilgandra system.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) this week remained committed to point-to-point speed cameras as a better way of making roads safer for all motorists.

The new technology targets heavy-vehicle drivers on the Newell Highway, a national road corridor that has been the scene of numerous crashes.

Despite that the cameras' introduction were announced 12 months ago, a number of truckies continued to flout the law.

The NSW Office of State Revenue this week provided its current data, collected up to December 31.

There had been 76 speeding fines issued as a result of detections by the point-to-point cameras at Eumungerie and Gilgandra, the office reported.

Put simply, truck drivers' average speed along the 27-kilometre interval exceeded the limit on 76 occasions throughout the year.

The camera to Dubbo's south detected far fewer offenders.

Twenty-two speeding fines were issued to drivers who travelled the 17-kilometre distance between the Peak Hill-Tomingley set of cameras in the same 12-month period.

An RMS spokeswoman referred to evaluations of the technology when asked about its effectiveness.

Point-to-point enforcement promotes area-wide suppression of speeding, because speed enforcement is sustained across a length of road rather than just a single spot, she said.

Evaluations of point-to-point enforcement conducted overseas have shown a 50 per cent reduction in fatal and serious injury crashes after point-to-point enforcement was installed.

She also cited a recent evaluation of a point-to-point system in the United Kingdom, which had shown that it was an effective replacement for fixed digital speed cameras, she said.

Dubbo MP Troy Grant had welcomed the introduction of the cameras 12 months ago, saying it aimed to slow speeding heavy-vehicle drivers and make NSW highways and country roads safer for everyone to use.

The two sets of cameras near Dubbo took the network to 15, operating on the Newell, Pacific, Federal, Oxley, New England, Hume and Great Western highways.

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