Students complete year successful grading

SUBAK Martial Arts in Dubbo conducted a successful grading week to conclude the 2012 year when both beginners and coloured belts demonstrated their skills in tests conducted by head of school Kim Macrae and instructor Anthony O'Leary.

Macrae, a fifth-dan black belt, was very impressed with the students' development and enthusiasm shown during the grading.

"The Subak students have continued to develop a range of skills to an impressive high standard including iKiFiT for fitness and stick fighting, full-contact sparring, grappling, dynamic board breaking, self-defence techniques and taekwondo patterns," Macrae said.

"It was a spirited grading and I was very pleased that we were able to honour instructor Nik Learg, who was awarded his second-dan black belt and perform in front of Professor Marcelo Rezende from Gracie Barra in Sydney."

All of the students performed at a high level during the intermediate grading.

Dylan Williams continued his development in martial arts with a dedicated display, especially in the sparring section where he displayed a true fighting spirit.

Brodee Charlton gained her senior green belt and is to be commended for her pattern Do San.

Other students who demonstrated outstanding skills included Ethan Smith and Hunter Asimus who performed excellent turning kicks, as well as Tyneesha Williams who completed her pattern with precision and intensity and gained her green belt.

The senior belt section was inspiring and after almost three hours the candidates were successful in gaining promotion and were presented with their senior ranks from Learg and Rezende.

There were three candidates attempting their first senior rank and their blue belt.

Indianna Asimus, Colby Huckel and Courtney Charlton had a physical time with intense sparring, grappling and performing the iKi Stick pattern.

One of the highlights of the grading was the performance of two father and daughter combinations - Sam and Dyan Jeresano and William and Leanna Mills.

They continued on their journey to a black belt by gaining their senior blue belts.

These candidates needed to sustain contact sparring over 10 rounds and display technique in board breaking, which they all achieved with skill.

The technique displayed in self-defence and grappling on the mats was most pleasing.

Erin Carroll and Shane Dupille achieved the rank of red belt. Both of these candidates had a tough grading.

Their sparring and jiu-jitsu on the mats displayed a growing knowledge of the techniques required at this level.

Shaye and Deena Percy capped off a great year in martial arts with the achievement of gaining their junior black belts.

The Percy sisters performed at a high level, particularly in the sparring and power-breaking sections.

Both candidates were required to break boards with five separate techniques, which they achieved with power and accuracy.

James Fern and Alyssa O'Leary continued to achieve high goals by attaining their full black belts.

The highlight from this talented pair were the skills displayed in the contact-sparring section.

Both sparring against adult black belts, Fern and O'Leary showed great determination and skill with their fighting techniques.

The first-dan candidates were Isaac McLeenan, Mikaela Percy and Zac O'Leary, who displayed considerable skill with their flying kicks and first-dan patterns.

The sparring of both McLeenan and Percy was very impressive for family and friends in attendance.

Subak Martial Arts offers their congratulations to all students who did so well at their grading and we look forward to welcoming new students in 2013.

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