Call for family-friendly fireworks

RESIDENTS want to know why Dubbo City Council does not host a family-friendly new year's event with fireworks, like other cities in the region.

Concerned locals raised the issue on a number of Dubbo Facebook pages.

Wife and mother, Karen Cowper said she is disappointed Dubbo doesn't have an alcohol-free event to attend like other towns in regional NSW do.

Mrs Cowper named Orange, Bathurst and Mudgee as places where fireworks or concerts were held to see in the new year.

"I don't expect anything big, but even Mudgee which is smaller than Dubbo, had a concert with Jimmy Barnes headlining," she said.

Having lived in Dubbo since 2000, Mrs Cowper said her childhood was made richer for trips into the city on new year's to watch the fire works.

The Cowper family considered driving to Mudgee for new year's so they could see in the new year with their children.

"We would have except that staying overnight with children can get very expensive," she said.

Another woman on the Facebook page, Dubbo Thumbs Up Thumbs Down, said Orange had hosted a "family friendly event."

She said she believed it could be done here, but depended on council.

Mrs Cowper said there was no excuse for a town of Dubbo's size to be lacking New Years celebrations.

"Dubbo is growing and the council needs to provide more alcohol-free events for families, especially on New Years eve."

A Dubbo City Council spokesperson said if there appeared to be a gap in the local events calendar identified by the community, there was an opportunity for it to be considered by the Dubbo Events Network.

"One of the goals of the new City Events Strategy, adopted by Council in 2012, was for the Network to develop a 'gap and opportunity' report for industry consideration.

"This is the perfect forum under which these requests could be further explored."

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