Local poem praises Australian soldiers

A POEM written to honour Australian troops in Afghanistan has been praised by Cr Allan Smith and his son-in-law, Australian Army Warrant Officer Shaun Graham, who has completed two tours of duty in the country.

The Dubbo Community Men's Shed raised $300 to send 15 two-kilogram gift boxes for serving men and women, last week.

The money was used to buy personal items like lip balm, nut bars, Anzac biscuits, salted peanuts and magazines to fill the boxes.

Among other things, each box also contained a touching poem about Australian soldiers serving their country.

The poem was written by shed member Frank Doolan (Riverbank Frank) who said he sat by the river and pondered how it would feel to be serving in Afghanistan.

Cr Smith said both he and his son-in-law "choked up," at hearing the poem read out by Frank.

"We were very touched by it, Frank is so articulate and he expressed it so well."

Australian Heroes

Behind enemy lines

In the dark of night

When mere mortals like myself

When we'd cave in to fright

When your training kicks in

And you do the things you do

Don't ever think you're alone

We are there with you

There are a lot of Aussies with you

There are lots who know you care

There are people who feel proud

To see Aussie diggers there

To all our Australian soldiers

Every woman, every man

To me you are the finest

From a sunburnt timeless land

I could never imagine

The horror of war

But I know our Aussie diggers

They'd protect our shore

They'll go wherever they are needed

These defenders of the free

They're fighting for Australia

Fighting for you and me

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