Fraudulent notice prompts warnings of credit scams

A DUBBO woman could have easily been the victim of an online credit card scam Sunday night, had she not been as well informed on the topic.

Natalie Rust said she received three emails Sunday night and knew something was wrong when she read that her credit card would be cancelled unless she clicked on a link and rectified the problem.

Mrs Rust said she immediately noticed a couple of spelling errors in the email and noted the lack of logos identifying her bank.

"It said it was from Card Verification Inc and they had suspended my card temporarily," she said.

"It said the verification was to confirm my credit card had not been fraudulently used and was signed from customer support service."

Mrs Rust said it would be a situation that could cause people to panic and make the wrong decision because it created urgency citing a 72-hour time limit to act within.

"I'm just concerned about other residents getting caught on this, I noticed some of the spelling mistakes and I know the bank rings you and I have also verified it with my bank, but there could be someone elderly who doesn't know those things or no about scams."

Mrs Rust said after speaking to the bank, they confirmed they don't ever send out emails regarding card issues.

She also spoke to Dubbo Police who said to report any online scams to SCAMwatch at

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